damn spam

April 29, 2008

So far my wordpress spam filter has caught 37 spam comments.  Out of these 37 comments, there are only 3-4  different authors.

One of these same comments is being sent at least 30 times.  Everytime I post, there it is, several times over.

What the hell?

While I despise spam, I do understand that sending out 500 comments in a day with links on it can give you surprisingly good results.

Heck, try doing it on craiglist, and if you dodge the flaggers, you may get a few click throughs, which I suppose is the point.

Just seems excessive to send 5 or 6 of the same comment for each post.

Now I must admit, I admire the creative spammer.  This one I received yesterday, and felt compelled to approve it for all to see.  It made me feel good.  Sure he has links to a weird site that confuses me, and probably has links to porn if you investigate deeper than I, but the fact of the matter, is he or she put some effort into it and said something intelligent and thoughtful:

happiness today to my friend.

Trust, faith, love and smile

Lead you to happiness.

Not bad, spammer.  For that, I let you sit on the bottom of my previous post with your link waiting to be clicked by some unsuspecting passerby.

High five.




April 11, 2008

I feel guilty for many things, mostly things I should not feel guilty for.


Guilt for breaking up with the past boyfriends.  Guilt for dating them in the first place (my mom can be blamed for some of that, though her concern was warranted due to the difference in age…)

Guilt for looking at internet porn.

Guilt for eating that piece of chocolate.

Guilt for spending all day on the internet instead of working.

Guilt for not doing a $500 value project for a client who only pays $100

Guilt for feeling ugly and awkward.

Guilt for wanting to change things about myself.

Guilt for forgetting my cloth grocery bags, and having to use plastic/paper.

Guilt for buying plastic trash bags and using cloth grocery bags (dilemma).

Guilt for craving meat (did I mention I am veg?)


and that brings me to the guilt I already feel for leaving work early

(i’m sick- **cough cough**)