just need to vent:

April 22, 2008


there is nothing worse than having a block.


i have a client, we agreed to a project, i’ve dont similar projects for him twice before successfully.


now, i can’t get past this one.


starting to feel incompetant.



i hate this.  i feel like drinking a bottle of wine.
oh yeah, just did, minus one glass for politeness on my partner…


off for another try. 


dreams with sharp teeth

April 8, 2008

You know those craigslist ads that want a website or design service, offering no money, but saying “it would be a great piece for your portfolio” or “it’s great publicity”

Screw you.

Anyone working in the creative field will want to give this man a big ass hug.

Warning: may not be suitable for work, unless, like me, you don’t care about work.