May 29, 2008

  I was cruising around the net this morning at work… (shhhhh!) and came across this anger filled “article” on Michelle Malkin’s blog.

 What got to me (after the initial “wha?”) was the endless comment section, where one commenter after another said hateful, ignorant things. 

 While I completely understand people have different opinions than others, and while I completely support the discussion of these opinions and freedom of speech, the one thing I noticed was how the conservative side of this discussion was so all-inclusive, all decisive, and no buts about it correct, and all liberals were deemed to be unpatriotic because they refused to group every single Muslim on earth into the terrorist label.

  (for those of you too lazy to read the article, here is a short summary:  Rachel Ray (annoying “yummo” celebrity chef) recently did a commercial for Dunkin Donuts where she is wearing a scarf.  The scarf looks to some like the traditional muslim scarf (keffiyeh) that is common attire for most people in the muslim world.  The Big Brother propoganda videos (a.k.a. news and media and what not) has convinced a large portion of Americans to see that traditional scarf (or something similar) as a symbol of hate and terrorism and death and fear and everything that America is against.  (if you dont understand the Big Brother reference, go pick yourself up a copy of 1984
 Enough complaints led to Dunkin Donuts to remove the commercial to not imply any terrorist support.   

 Wow. Whether that scarf is the traditional scarf as accused, or whether it is just some paisley design that would be better suited for the likes of Joan Rivers, the comment section is where it got ugly.

  I’d rather not post the words on here, for they do not represent my beliefs.  

 Comparisons to the swastika, the KKK are made.

 Very interesting to hear two sides of political ideology, as my parents are full blooded republicans, and I tend to lean more democratic, though prefer to stay unaffiliated to any “group” due to the volatile nature of politics.  I could picture my dad saying some things like this sadly.  (I’ve heard him say so many things about mexicans, it makes my head spin) (i’ve also heard him talk about Obama and “not likin’ his name”) geesh.

   So my question: does this make me naive?  

  Since I would rather not group every Muslim (or everyone who lives in the middle east) as a terrorist or terrorist supporter, does that make me stupid?

  Expanding from that, does wanting peace make me some silly liberal who doesnt understand that people need to kill others and blow up things to make things better? 

 This confuses me   

Side note: the header picture for this post is off of Michelle’s flickr page.

  I am curious, seeing Michelle, and noticing she looks like she has some asian heritage, or Phillipines (forgive my ignorance) I wonder, if we had some national conflict with an asian or south pacific country and suddenly everyone was against people who even looked slightly of asian decent or maybe liked a certain asian food or something silly like that, would Michelle see this as the same thing?  If terrorists were suddenly from the country her heritage came from, would she have the same views?

  Maybe its the schooling I received, maybe its just innate, but I can’t help but put myself in the place of other people, accused people, people who may have something in common with a guilty party, but who are guilty only by association. 

 silly me.   


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