cheney is a pirate

April 11, 2008

Am I the only one here more disturbed by the fact he is smiling than whateverthehell is reflected in his glasses?


Here you see the oh-so popular naked woman in his glasses, the naked woman being his arm holding a damn fishing rod.  Amazing how many people need glasses.

“heh heh heh… here fishy fishy”




And here, good god, is the snarl/smile I am used to.

“Argh! Ye needs to walk thee plank!”

Me thinks he would have been a great pirate 200 years ago.

Heck, he’s a great pirate today.

dick cheney \


Hasnt this county had enough creepy dirty old white men who use strong heroic young men and women as pawns in their political and **cough oil-mongering cough**  financial agendas?


enough is enough.


And stop smiling!



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